Synarki Team

Mitt store livsmål er optimal synergi/ samklang / samspill og harmoni innad i ulike team. Det var først når jeg i 2015 dykket bevisst ned i GeneKeys og senere Human Design jeg fant begrepene og en symbolikk/arketype som aktiverte noe dypt inni meg. Dette ga meg en dyp samklang med livets innhold , erfaringer og hele min personlihe og faglige kompetanse. Likevel var ordet synarki / synarchy fremdeles noe ukjent og jeg studerte og kontemplerte i mange år og det fikk konsekvenser på meg på mange plen. Det er en indre bekreftelse på hvorfor jeg alltid har likt ( og ledet) gruppeprosesser og teamutvikling. (Som teamleder og konsulent har jeg vært mer kjent med ordet synergi.)

44 Gift: Utdrag fra Richard Rudd. «Gene Keys.» Apple Books.: «The Gift of Teamwork is therefore about recognising who belongs in your life. When you meet someone for the first time and they seem familiar to you, it is because their vehicle belongs on your fractal line. Within the greater body, your cells have business together. Taking this further, if you were able to assemble your own true fractal around you, then the dynamics of this team would be nothing short of awesome. There would be total trust within the group, or total love within the family. The world has not yet seen much of the archetype of the 44th Gift. People with this Gift have a knack for group mechanics and a gift for knowing people, but they still have to work with the destructive interference patterns of the totality. However, as we shall see with the 44th Siddhi, all that is on the cusp of changing.»

I Human design fant jeg enda mer bekreftelse på mitt lederskap og teamledelse.
The Cross of the Four Ways; «Your Cross has the energy to guide and direct based on the past. This is the energy of managing people to provide for the group or tribe. Based on your instinctive experience, you can guide these resources. Like an old fashioned community or a family business, you are the one who assigns the tasks so that it all comes together and the community has everything it needs. You are here to perform this role for your group.»

På websidene til Unlock Your Design står det mer om Door/gate 44 Arketype Gridworker ; » With intuitive awareness of whether the past is worth repeating or not, the Gridworker  knows when history is about to repeat itself.  Not only does she know where humanity is going if we keep repeating the same patterns and expect things to change for the better, she also senses where we are off course and how we can center back into balance and synarchy through true teamwork….»

44.3 – der 3 er min linje for hvordan livsverket vil utvikles/ oppleves som en slags arketype. «If you have a third line for your Life’s Work, your great challenge is to learn to let go of what your mind thinks is ‘normal’. Your archetype is the Changer, which means that you will learn your Gifts from life. You may have many different experiences in different roles, with different people coming in and out of your life, and if you can let go and enjoy this kind of exciting narrative, then you will lead a very rich life…» Richard Rudd, Genekeys 


Incarnation – Cross of the Four Ways
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The Incarnation cross of the Four Ways represents the coming together of 4 energies that each have a voice in where we humans are going. There is a real evolution written here in the 4 gates as each gate has a way for us as humans to go.
Gate 24 is a mental gate. It is looking at something repeatedly trying to come to a deeper understanding. It’s guidance forward is through understanding.
Gate 33 is a manifesting gate. It caries the story of our experience but it is also directing us to be keep secrets. Not all of our experiences should be shared.
Gate 44 is about alerting the troops to coming needs. This is about what we need to do to  preserve our selves and is rooted in fears of the past.
Gate 19 is to have a sensitivity about what we are doing to our world. The approach to the future is to make sure we take care of all of us. This means that we need to care for the earth and it’s resources as a way to approach the future.

Here is a brief description of the 4 gates of the cross of the Four Ways.
Gate 19 – Sensitivity – As we as a tribe approach living as spiritual being together we need to be sensitive to how we live physically.
Gate 44 – Coming to meet- Identification of what we need to due now, to be prepared for the future, but based on our past experience.
Gate 33 – Manifesting Privacy – As we bring together the experience of the collective we need privacy to be ourselves.
Gate 24 – Returning – Rationalizing over and over until we as individuals truly understand.